Hank Phillippi Ryan - Anthony, Agatha and Macavity winning author
"What seems to begin in the glowing warmth of a homey kitchen transforms into a probing emotional drama that speaks powerfully to women about family, prejudice, power...and secrets." — Booklist - Starred Review
"A beautifully written, at times lyrical, study of a disintegrating community. Roy, author of the Edgar Award-winning mystery BENT ROAD, tackles similar themes here wtih equally successful results."
 Colette Bancroft - Tampa Bay Times
"Lori Roy mixes lyrical prose, a noir approach and gothic undertones for an urban story set in 1958 about a community pulled apart by racism, fear and image..." — Oline Cogdill - Florida Sun Sentinel
"Roy's language pulses....Days after finishing [UNTIL SHE COMES HOME], the lives of these women still haunted me." — Carole E. Barrowman - Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
"That's the simple, heartbreaking truth Lori Roy delivers, sotto voce, in UNTIL SHE COMES HOME, a quietly shocking account of the tiny tremors in the life of a city that warn of cataclysms to come."
Marilyn Stasio - The New York Times Book Review
The men mount an around-the-clock search, leaving their families vulnerable to sinister elements hidden in plain sight. Only Grace knows what happened, but her mother warns her not to tell. “No man wants to know this about his wife.” Ashamed that her silence puts loved ones in harm’s way, Grace gravitates toward the women of Willingham Avenue, who recognize her suffering as their own. Through their acceptance, Grace conquers her fear and dares to act.

On Alder Avenue, vicious secrets bind friends, neighbors, and spouses. For the wicked among them, the walk home will be long.
"Roy adroitly captures the atmosphere of the time, when racial tensions were bubbling over and fear of integration was prevalent. The author slowly draws the reader in, as violence flares and dark secrets emerge; this is a superb, tense suspense tale that’s one of the year’s best crime novels."
New York Times Editors' Choice
2014 Finalist Edgar Award for Best Novel - UNTIL SHE COMES HOME
Lansing State Journal
"Beach Reads you won't want to put down...In this thriller set in 1950s Detroit, a group of seemingly genteel women grapple with racial tension, gender violence, and two murders that throw their tidy suburban neighborhood into a tailspin." — Ladies Home Journal
Kirkus - Starred Review
Edgar Award Winning Author of BENT ROAD and UNTIL SHE COMES HOME
ISBN - 014218098X
ISBN -0525953965